Clarabelle Cards are meaningful, poetic and breathtakingly beautiful. The Clarabelle Card Collection was created by the super talented “Clarabelle”. ┬áThe inspiration for her cards, came from her mum, who loves receiving cards with touching, heartfelt words, saying,

“I like to read nice words.”

“Clarabelle” runs a very successful motivational blog, Clarabelle.org and she finds true inspiration writing poetically for thousands of her blog followers and visitors from all around the world. Clarabelle Cards encourage the heart and offer you a range of greeting cards that are not only beautifully presented but will remain a poetic keepsake in the hearts of your loved ones forever.


Words can be so special,
when they connect with one’s heart,
they inspire beautiful feelings,
that will never soon depart.
A truly wonderful connection,
that strengthens day by day,
creating magical energy,
in a motivational way.
A poetic verse will live forever,
when it meets that special one,
it sings in the soul like an orchestra of hope,
and everlasting fun.
Share your wisdom wisely,
empower the curious mind,
love all things greatly,
and it will be returned to you in kind.

Poetic Verse by Clarabelle