Flourish and Blossom




Blossom Star is the main inspirational cute cartoon character surrounding the Clarabelle Cards Flourish & Blossom Greetings Cards Collection. She was created from the magical imagination of Author “Clarabelle”.

The Story of Blossom Star

Blossom was born from the brightest star in the Universe and came into our world in the early spring of 2016, but she previously lived a very long and happy life in another Starland many, many years before that, thus blessing her with the most truthful timeless hearfelt wisdom.  Blossom arrived like a miracle, in a Dreamcloud Starpod, with a special message for all us humans and that was to encourage all hearts and strengthen our bond with each other.

Blossom says, “I have arrived into your heart today to encourage you and your loved ones to be brave and to truly Flourish & Blossom.”


Blossom’s Family

Dog – Happy
Mummy Kando
Daddy Willpower
Brother Staystrong
Sister Lovelylassie
Husband Brave
Best Friends Desiree & Sunshine
Brother in Law Calmme
Nephew Starplayer
Neices Makecreate, Cutsiesmile, Nicelydoesit
Sister in Law Merrily
Daugher Beautiful
Son Braveone
Papa Encourage
Nana Bloom and Nana Caresforyou

Blossom’s Home

Blossom lives with Brave and their Star family in the beautiful moutain village called “Best View” set in the stunningly scenic Highlands & Islands of Bonny Scotland. They live in a pretty snowy-white painted bungalow overlooking Loch Lush. Their house is called “Dreams” and their home address is Number 1, Top of the Mountain, Best View Village in the Town of Change Your Life, Postcode:  #N1 URA*

Her greetings cards workshop is next to the family “Dreams” Bungalow. The workshop is called “Letsdoit” and she has a super team of “makeithappen”friends who work together to fulfill all the Flourish & Blossom Collection orders which come in from all around the world.

Greetings Cards

  • Christmas Collection
  • Birthday Collection
  • Encouragement Collection
  • Family Collection


Encouragement CARDS:

Stay Strong
Be True To Yourself
Lift Your Head High
Go For It
Take A Break
To Cheer You Up
Feel Happy
Let Fun In
Let Life In
You’re Never Alone
You Can Do It
You Can Achieve
Believe In You
Journey of Hope
Be Your Number 1 Fan